Monday, July 25, 2011

Back-To-School Cute & Yummy Ideas for Kid's School Lunch-Get Creative!

We've gathered up some fun ideas for school lunch. I think the kids will really know they are loved when they receive one of these lunches. Start a tradition....make one of these up for each holiday! Use your imagination! 
Yes you can make this one!
Funky Lunch Gallery

Very cute and very simple. Basically....Make food fun and the kids will eat it. The boys would love this one!  SOURCE

 Such a simple idea, but the kids will smile! SOURCE

My Own Road 

Love these Hot Dog Men-Very Simple to make but the kids will get a kick out of them! SOURCE

Credit   Lisa Storms

Peanut butter, banana, jelly and tortilla roll-up. A great way to get your fruit?  SOURCE

Here's one to celebrate Fall-love the leaves.
Credit   Lisa Storms

Then there's Halloween
Credit   Lisa Storms

Ghosts, Ghost and more Ghosts
Credit "Another Lunch"

 Perfect for the Holidays!  SOURCE 

If lunch is fun, they might just eat it!
Credit   Lisa Storms

Credit   Lisa Storms

The people over at Funky Lunch are so creative

Don't forget Christmas Fun! 
Credit   Lisa Storms

 Who wouldn't like a gingerbread sandwich? Just use our Christmas cookie cutters.
Credit   Lisa Storms

I thought this Cloud and Umbrella Apple was just too cute! Easy to make too
Get more ideas for kids lunches at Cute Foods For Kids

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 Would you like to get the instructions on how to make many of these fun lunches? Well, just get the book "Funky Lunch" here

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  1. WOW! What fun ideas for kids! Thanks!

  2. wow, I feel bad I never did these for my kids who are now grown, but I did put notes in their lunches to say have a good day, I love you, etc...

  3. I made the hot dog men with my g-kids today and cut "clothes" out of cheese slices. They were adorable and the kids couldn't get enough of them. It was a great way to play and made an extra special lunch!

  4. People are just awesome. Thanks for sharing !

  5. People are just awesome. Thanks for sharing !