Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to School in Style

Okay all you crafty people, here's a good one for you. Send your kids back to school in style. Make up these projects for them and I'm sure they will be the one with the UNIQUE book marks, notebooks and pencil boxes!  (There will be no confusion as to whose pencil box it is even without a name!)

These examples are possibly just a starting point for you....Use your creative imagination!  Personalize these items using your child's favorite colors etc. Doesn't even have to be a school theme....what about their favorite Disney character or movie?

You could even put their name on the pencil box using cutout letters or chipboard as shown

Reading is even that more fun with a cool bookmark!
This one is very colorful! This time of year the notebooks are anywhere from 10  to 50 cents, so craft away!

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