Friday, July 22, 2011

{Teacher Appreciation} A Crayon Initial and Pencil Art-- So Cute For Teacher

Loved, Loved, Loved this Do It Yourself project when I saw it, and knew it would be perfect for a Teacher's Appreciation Gift. Wouldn't it be fun in the classroom?  It would also be great in a child's bedroom.  You could use only the crayons that would match the decor of the bedroom.

It's really very easy to do and at this time of year you can get a box of crayons for 50 cents or less!  Make one for each of your children's teachers. You'll be loved!!!

Here, they have made these with a child's initial and name

This one is for a teacher
Via Frugal Life

How about some pencil art? You can make this any color scheme you want to fit into your home or for the teacher's classroom. This is from Pottery Barn.

Click here to get the Pencil Art How To at "The Little Red Hen"
Love the look of the colors they choose.

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  1. Can it really be that no one actually commented on this post????? I love this idea and I am handing out old crayons for our new Pre-K class to do for then...

  2. I love this idea too I'm gonna make a couple for my sons pre-k teacher and assistant....