Saturday, June 6, 2020

Father's Day Treat Boxes for your Table Decor-Dad Will Love Them!

Here's a fun way to set the dinner table for Dad and Grandpa this year!
 These fun treat boxes can be filled with Dad's favorite treats. You can put about 
15 Hershey Kisses inside this box if you don't put a lot of
crinkle paper inside. (crinkle paper is optional and
not included in these kits) 

We've got boxes made up in stripes and polkadots. You can choose which 
one you want or some of both.  They are VERY EASY to assemble.
Our kits always come with easy to follow instructions.

Also included in the kit are Hershey Kiss Stickers with
great messages for Dad. Just apply to kisses. You
can get GREAT DEALS on Hershey Kisses from
Sam's Club. A bag of 330 Kisses is only around $12.99
That's only about 4 cents a piece!

We recommend double-sided tape or tape runner for the box
Straw flags attach with foam dots
Accent piece on the front of the box is glued on
"DAD" is attached with foam dots.
Back flap is secured with foam dots
Straw just slips down into the pre-cut hole
and is secured with  foam dots
Sticky foam dots are included in kit

These treat boxes/place settings are just the right size 
for your  Father's Day table decor.
 4" tall, 2.5" wide and 2" deep.  
The Kisses are not included in the kit. 

There are two flags attached to each straw. 6 different
messages. If you order 6 you get 6 double messages.
If you order 12 you get 2 of each double message etc.
The top of the straw has a red half pearl that
we will attach for you. It's just a good
way to finish off the top of the straw. 

Everything is included in the kit with the exception of
the Hershey Kisses and the crinkle paper.
You can get this brown crinkle paper
at The Dollar Store. (It's Optional)

CLICK HERE to get some for your Father's Day Lunch/Dinner


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