Thursday, June 4, 2020

Celebrate!! 4th of July Hershey Nugget Wraps | Party Treats | Kids Dessert | Party Favors

A special treat for a special Celebration!

WE LOVE the 4th of July holiday and think
 there should be a very special treat 
for this very special day!
 A treat/dessert that can be made up well
 in advance of the4th of July. 
We've designed these Hershey nugget wraps 
especially for your 4th of July parties,
barbecues, and treats for your
friends and family.

  I LOVE Hershey chocolate Nuggets 
and so will your family and friends.
 This kit is very easy to assemble. 
Everything you see come sin the kit 
with the exception
 of the Hershey Nuggets.

You can get a bag of 145 nuggets at
 Sams Club for $12.99
That makes each nugget about 9 cents a piece
You could make up 36 sets out of just one bag. 
Check Costco and Amazon for deals too

The glitter stars and "Happy 4th of July" 
tags are glued to the top of the nuggets
and then you insert them, along with
the strip tray, into the provided 
cellophane bag.Tie the navy blue twine
 around the bag,
thread the round tag with the glitter star 
on it and then finish typing the bow
and you're done!

Perfect for your BBQ or to take to work for your 
CoWorkers and Employees.
Everything is provided 
except the HERSHEY Nuggets.
The kids will LOVE this sweet treat

CLICK HERE to get these Nugget Wraps for your 4th of July Celebration


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