Wednesday, July 24, 2019

A Darling Witches Broom- Halloween Candy Bar Wrapper, Gifts and Treats-Gotta See These!

Hot off the presses, as they say, comes this cute Halloween Candy Card!  It's a kit that is SUPER easy to assemble. Anyone can do it!  Would't this be fun to give to your co-workers, employees, friends and neighbors. Also perfect for your kid's classroom treat.  Would make a great party favor too and who doesn't like a Chocolate Hershey Bar!

Yes, we know it is early for Halloween but we've already had friends purchasing our Halloween kits, they are definitely thinking ahead too. 

This cute Witches Broom comes pre-assembled by us. All you do is tie the twine around the middle off the broom and include the "Happy Halloween" tag before tying a bow.

This design is exclusive to us and a unique gift. A special treat for your trick or treaters!

We have a lot of fun Halloween gift ideas in our Etsy shop. Click HERE

 The broom sits pops off of the candy bar wrapper which really draws attention to it.

BOX OF 36 Hershey bars at Costco (not on line)  $22.00
That makes the Hershey bars totally affordable!

If possible, it is always better to purchase our candy cards early as sometimes we do run out of supplies to make them and then everyone is disappointed!!!

CLICK HERE to get more details about this fun Halloween gift and pick up some for your Halloween party, the kid's classroom treats, your co-workers and/or employees etc. 


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