Sunday, June 2, 2019

How to Make Summer Reading More Fun Plus Bookmarks for Boys and Girls

Summer is the perfect time for the kids to catch up on their reading. There's nothing like a summer afternoon and a good book.  When I was a kid I had health problems and I wasn't that active physically but what was active was my IMAGINATION!  I loved reading and I would let my imagination run wild in choosing what the characters in my books looked like and everything else in the book.  I would sit for literally hours reading my favorite books. It didn't matter if I was inside or outside. I also LOVED, LOVED, LOVED going to my public library. The children's section was in the basement and it was such a fabulous place.  To me the idea of the library letting me go in and come out with as many books as I wanted was so great!

When my children got old enough we would hang out at the library together and bring home armfuls of books. Now that my children have children of their own they are keeping up the tradition of visiting the library. The love of reading is such a great family tradition.

Now how do we make summer reading fun for the kids? How do we get them to read?

Take the kids to the library and help them to discover what type of books speak to them. It may be mysteries (which was what I loved) or  books about sports, dinosaurs, flowers, coding, flower arranging, jewelry making and other fun things.  Make the trip to the library a reward for completing their chores etc. There's a place in the library for everyone in your family, even you.

Ask the librarian what books are popular with the kids in their age group and what their peers are checking out. Librarians can be sooooo helpful and they are there to assist you in any way.

Select a wide variety of reading material every time you go to the library to expose them to more things. Even magazines and comic books. Books about building, art and crafts, astronomy or cooking would definitely be a great way to go. They may have a hidden talent that could be developed this summer.

Find fun places for the kids to read. A designated reading corner with a pillow and blanket would work nicely. Reading to your preschoolers is the perfect way to develop a love for reading and it's great quality time together.  Your kids will always have a great memory of reading with you.

Reading Teepees are cool too. It defines a special place for the kids to read, whether it is inside or outside the house. Great reading memories can be made inside a fun reading teepee.   CLICK HERE TO GET THE DETAILS on making this  No Sew Teepee

Now that you have the kids reading and enjoying it, how about giving them a fun reading reward? We have bookmarks for girls (above) and for boys (below) Kids LOVE bookmarks and how else are they going to mark their place in the books?    

 CLICK HERE  for bookmarks for girls.

We designed these bookmarks in colors that the boys would like.  Who knows…..they might just make reading even more fun! 

CLICK HERE for bookmarks for boys


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