Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Check Out Our New Halloween Candy Corn Treat Boxes!

Candy Corns are synonymous with Halloween so what better thing to put on the front of a treat box. "Spooky Treats" can be anything thing that will fit inside. Loose candies such as candy corns, M&M's or mini or snack size candy will all it inside.  Put as many or as few as you like in the 4" x 6" bags. Place them beside plates on a festive Halloween table or use as party favors.  Whoever you give them to is gong to love them!

The candy corns have a 3-D look with the yellow and the orange pieces popping of the page with a foam dot.  Add the black and white strip across the bottom and you're done!

Easy to assemble, all you do is glue and adhere foam dots!

We filled this bag with the candy corn M&M's.  They are pretty sweet!

We found the new Cookies and Screen M&M's at Target. They are the perfect color for a Halloween treat and yummy! So Festive!

Love the colors of these white candy corn M&M's

All kind of treats will fit inside this treat box. What candy will you be giving out this Halloween?

Click HERE to get these Halloween treat boxes


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You can get some of these Halloween treat boxes HERE



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