Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How to Package your Christmas Treats to give to Family and Friends That Make Them Even More Special! Christmas Labels that are Perfect!

The baking season is in full swing now!  You'll be mixing and baking all your favorite recipes to give to family and friends, neighbors and even co-workers and bosses. Here's 2 labels to make your treats even more special. Just adhere them to your treat containers and you're done!

This label has a place for you to hand write your name. I just think it makes it more personal that way (instead of being printed with the label)  Muffins for Christmas morning breakfast makes a great gift too. 

We just folded the ends down over the edge of this container and taped it securely and added a Christmas bow. Love these sugar cookies with crushed peppermint on top. 

The label is printed on a sheet of 11" x 8.5" paper. Approximately ¼" on the sides of the label will be white.  However if you need a smaller label just trim it down. It doesn't have to wrap around a container but can just sit on top of it. 

The labels will also fit nicely around your homemade bread. whether they are sweet bread like shown above or white or wheat bread. The white part of the label measures 4" across.  Just using the label itself, and no ribbon, looks nice too. 

You can also use a contrasting ribbon on with the labels. We used green and white stripe ribbon with the red label and red and white ribbon with the green label.  

What's your favorite treat to give? Pumpkin chocolate chip bread is yummy!  So is a simple pound cake or a chocolate pound cake. A container full of peanut brittle would be great or even Divinity or Chocolate bark. 

What a great gift to give Teacher.  Fill any container with your favorite treats whether they be cookies, candy, breads, muffins, cupcakes or even fudge and then attach our Label.

Merry Christmas--Baking Spirits Bright!

Click HERE to get these labels for your Christmas Treats


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