Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Giving Gift Cards to Family, Friends and Employees this Christmas? Here's the Perfect Gift Card Holder!

Everyone loves a gift card and it makes a fun and easy gift for Christmas.  What's their favorite store, their favorite hobby or interest? Once you know that, the gift card buying is simple!  We designed a gift card holder that looks like a present to put the gift cards in.  It's a present that looks like a present!!!  

What a great way to give the gift cards you're planning on giving to your employees this year!  We can do large quantities too! Especially fun to use for the company Christmas party gifts. 

I was shopping at Target yesterday and in the check-out stand I found this adorable Christmas gift card.  I had to buy the Santa gift card for my Christmas gift card giving. Who wouldn't LOVE a gift card from Cinemark, and you can personalize their gift cards. A favorite restaurant or even fast food joint is a good choice for gift cards. Personally I would love a gift card from Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's or Michaels Craft.  Do you know someone like that? 

This gift card holder comes in a kit where we gathered everything together that you need. It's super simple to assemble and you'll be pleased with how it looks. A gift envelope is also included. Gift cards shown are not included.

Here's what comes in the kit. How much fun is this going to be?  We've made the gift card holder sturdy by doubling the cardstock.  You'll be pleased. 

Whoever you give one of these to they will remember the gift card holder AND the gift card inside!  Head on over to our Etsy shop to get these for your family, friends, employees, the paper boy, your hair stylist etc.  Each one comes with their own white envelope. 


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