Friday, July 8, 2016

How I was able to Successfully Clean Marks, Crayon Marks and Dirt off of My Toys including My Fisher Price Dream Dollhouse and All Accessories

I bought this Fisher Price Grand Dollhouse back in 1996. I have loved it ever since. It has definitely seen it's share of playtime with 8 different grandkids playing with it.  It is still in great condition with the lithos/stickers still looking good. However, sometime along the way one of our "budding artists" decided they would add some of their crayon artwork to the house!  As I looked at it I thought it would never come off and would have to look like that forever. Then I decided to try to clean it with my Simple Green cleaner. (I am not being compensated for mentioning this product in any way whatsoever)  I've used Simple Green to clean toys in the past and it worked really well so I thought I would try it on the dollhouse.  I'm so HAPPY to say that I was able to remove Marks, Crayon Marks and Dirt from the house and the accessories.

Here are our before and after photos:

I was able to get ALL the crayon marks off. I was totally amazed and very HAPPY!!!

It was very easy to get the crayon marks off of the steps and they look brand new! 

These yellow marks were the hardest to get off. Took a little more time and rubbing but they did come off and it looks great below.

These marks almost looked like marker but I can't be sure.

I would definitely recommend getting a bottle of this cleaning liquid, if not just for your toys.  It actually is a great cleaner in other ways too. My husband swears by it!  

I am starting to let go of my Fisher Price toys that I bought in 1996-2000.  Most are in brand new condition-still wrapped in original bags, ever played with or even displayed.  You can find all my Discontinued Fisher Price toys plus a LOT of other mint in box (discontinued) toys in my eBay Shop.

You can buy Simple Green almost anywhere, definitely a good cleaning investment.


The floor looks brand new now!  Love the lamp in back of the couch. 

This delightful crib plays music and is such a great piece for the nursery. It even includes the ever popular Rumple Bear toy.

The den is a comfy place for kids and dogs!

Wheeeee! A good push from Dad and the sky's the limit!

The refrigerator door opens as does the oven and cupboard doors.

This brand-new wardrobe, the hat and clothing  is in available in our eBay shop right now.  

Checkers anyone?

Aahhhhh, a place for Mom to relax! 


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