Saturday, July 9, 2016

Awesome Onion Rings You've Got To Try—Super Easy Using Vidalia Onions From Georgia

I just made a batch of these AWESOME Onion Rings. They are definitely a hit with the family. After soaking them in buttermilk you dip them in a flour/spice mixture and then into a flour/milk/egg batter.  Then you dip them in bread crumbs, even Panko bread crumbs, and they are absolutely delicious!   I like to make up the "FRY SAUCE" that is so famous here in Utah to go with our onion rings.  I put some mayonnaise in a bowl and then squirt on some ketchup and mix it up. Sometimes I add some buttermilk to the mixture.  If you don't have buttermilk you can just add a teaspoon or so to a half a cup of milk and let it sit. After it has sat for a few minutes you can add it to the ketchup/mayo mixture. It will be delicious!!!  

The only onion that I cook with these days are the Vidalia Onions from Georgia. Every year at this time the sweet Vidalia onions are harvested and ready to buy.  I get mine at Costco where a 10 lb bag is only $7.00.  Vidalia onions are sweeter than other onions and we love them.  I'll purchase 4 or 5 bags and cut each onion up into small pieces and freeze in individual ziplock freezer bags so we can cook with these awesome onions all year long. So this time of year it is "Onion Rings" time for us.  We use the fresh onions and not ones that we have frozen for the onion rings. I like to cut the rings up in ½" rings instead of a thinner ring. You've got to try this recipe if you are a fan of onion rings. They will taste just as good, if not better, than restaurant onion rings.  Let me know how the they turn out in comments below. 


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