Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thanks Teacher! Teacher Appreciation Gift Card Holder-So Adorable! Teachers LOVE Gift Cards

Give Teachers exactly what they want this year…..GIFT CARDS!!!  Yes, they do love them.  Now you can put them in the perfect package that they will equally love.  The contrast of the red and the green is so fun and the crinkle paper is the perfect touch.  A Teacher's gift in a bright and colorful package.

We've even put a stitch of red thread around the wrap for you. A pre-made apple is perfect on the front corner.  There's even a white tag in case you want to write the kid's name on them, but believe me, the teacher isn't going to forget who gave them this cute package.

We made this into a kit so you wouldn't have to gather any of the supplies—we do that for you. Everything you need for this package will come to your door, except the crinkle paper, but you can purchase this at any craft store and even just for $1 at The Dollar Store.


It will be super simple to assemble. Just put the gift card inside and cover with crinkle paper….you could even wrap up the card in a small pice of tissue paper if you like. Then add the wrap around the clear pillow box and glue together.  Tie the green twine around it and add the white tag and the cutout before you tie a bow.  Didn't I tell you it was simple?

These cute Teacher Appreciation gift card holders are available HERE


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