Monday, April 11, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Gift---End of Year Hershey Candy Bar Wraps-So Sweet!

Talk about a Easy Teacher Appreciation Gift!!!

It's nearing the end of the school year and it's time to start thinking about what you want to get for your child's teacher. We try to design things that you would like to give the teacher and at the same time they're easy on the pocketbook.  These Hershey candy bar wraps just fit the ticket. With the 1.55 oz size  bar only around 69 cents each or less you can give more than one candy bar to the teacher, how about all five?  There are 5 different wraps, each one with a different message for the teacher, a thanks message.  Just download, print, cut out and attach to a Hershey candy bar. 

 We've also included 5 wraps for the Giant candy bars. The wraps will fit on the giant bars below:

(1) Milk Chocolate Bar 
(2) Milk Chocolate w/Almonds 
(3) Symphony Creamy Milk Chocolate 
(4) Symphony Milk Chocolate w/Almonds and toffee bits 
(5) and Hershey Dark Chocolate bars 

Click HERE get these printables for Teacher Appreciation gifts

"Thanks for helping me be the best I can be" AND  "You've made a difference in my life...thanks"

"Because of you I dare to be Great"  AND  "Thanks for all your help this year"

"I'm cool because I know you"

You can also use the wrapped candy as a gift tag on the gift you're planning on getting teacher. They'll adds a little fun to the package.  Or fill a basket or a bag with all five Giant bars or smaller bars.  It's a sweet treat that won't spoil so teacher doesn't have to eat them right away.

 Click HERE to get this fun gift for teacher


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