Monday, September 21, 2015

Need a Unique Halloween Party Favor, Treat and Decoration? It's Here!

Our Brand New Halloween Treat Box would be such a fun addition to your Halloween party.  It's a decoration, it's a party favor, it's a "Thanks for coming" treat.  It allows you to give out a treat without giving out a a lot of candy. Comes in two different colors. You could set them out on your buffet table or put one at each place setting.  

 This design is an orange and white polkadot box with a black Trick or Treat sign.  The candy wraps come in orange and black. Mix or match or just use one color.   There are 18 different candy wraps, some with graphics and some with words. 

We put 3 Hershey Nugget candies wrapped up in our Halloween candy wraps in each box.  It's a fun way to package a treat for party guests.

The Cute Halloween themed Halloween Nugget Wraps are available HERE in Orange

It's a kit that includes everything you need to make up these party favors, except for the brown crinkle paper. You can buy that for $1 at The Dollar Stores.


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