Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Halloween Treat for the Kids-Bookmarks Make Reading Fun! Sugar-FREE Treat

Halloween bookmarks are the perfect "Sugar-free" treat for the kids.  Include as part of a party favor for your Halloween party or with the Halloween books you're planning on buying this year.  6 different bookmarks are included in this Instant Download. Print at home or take to your favorite printer.  You can print as many as you like for Personal Use.

Halloween Party Favors
Classroom Party Gift/Treat
Gift from School Librarians
School Carnivals
Church Halloween Parties
Trick or Treaters
Gift from Teachers

We added some eyelets to the corner of these three bookmarks. We used this Crop-a-Dile tool to punch a hole in the bookmark and set the eyelet. Super simple to use. It's from We R Memories. Cut a 5" length of ribbon and thread through the eyelet. Then pull the ends of the ribbon up through the loop and tighten the ribbon.  Trim the ribbon ends to the length you want and cut at an angle.  

You can purchase this tool at most any craft store. It isn't something that you will use every day but it is quite versatile in what you can do with it and is a high quality craft tool.  When I purchased mine I was able to get it in this clear case and it included some eyelets.  

These bookmarks have a eyelet set in and the ribbon threaded through the opening.  

However, you don't have to put an eyelet on the bookmarks for them to be cute!!! You don't even have to add a ribbon to the bookmarks. But if you want to......Just punch a hole in the bookmark, cut a 5" length of ribbon and tie as shown in the photo above. We printed ours on white cardstock.

Your little READERS will love getting these bookmarks. You don't have to wait until Halloween to give them out. Let them enjoy and use them throughout October.

Our Halloween Bookmarks are AVAILABLE HERE


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these bookmarks. My kids are avid readers and love to give bookmarks to their classmates. We will be using these immediately - very cute!

    1. Thanks! I hope the kids like them and have fun giving them to their classmates!