Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Life Easier-Check out the iPhone Tips

More fun Tips and Tricks to make your life easier and/or happier. I love to find these things and try and incorporate the ideas into the tasks I must do. Knowledge is power!   I especially liked the iPhone tips below.  Enjoy!

I just finished reading all 20 of these iPhone tips & Tricks and there are a lot that I didn't know but I am REALLY glad I do now. I bet you will find a great tip that will make using your iPhone easier.   Click HERE to see all 20 tips

I don't know about you but I can never finish a whole bag of lemons without some of them spoiling, so I was very interested in this tip.  Click HERE

I have tried this tip too and it really works.....certainly beats cutting up each chicken breast individually. It's a good time saver.  Click HERE to go to the story.

What a great tip about garlic that we found HERE

If you have kids this is an excellent way to prevent a spill and it looks fun too Click HERE

Another good tip for kids. It's super simple and quick to cut up a pancake using a pizza cutter....and if you have a picky eater they may just love that they are all square and the same size.  Click HERE

It's so nice to have a resource for getting stains out of your clothes.  When you click on the link to the Clorox site be sure to look at the right hand side of the page for other stain treatments. Click HERE

Do you have some crystalized honey in your pantry right now? I do and I'm tempted to just throw it out but I am going to try this tip so I don't waste a jar of honey.  Click HERE

Click HERE to get more information on how to make your mascara last longer-I tried this trick and found it DID work......You may have to try it too.


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