Monday, May 18, 2015

GO FISH Birthday Party Game For Camping Parties, Ariel, Mermaid and Under the Sea Parties

Looking for a really FUN birthday party game......This one is the perfect game for a birthday party for either boys or girls. Each fish is made up using "Happy Birthday" premium scrapbook paper and a second color.  Ages 1 and up can play this's simple but yet fun.  

Perfect for Disney's Ariel/ Mermaid Birthday Party, a Camping Birthday Party, Under the Sea party and much more!!! 

 Everything you need to make up these 6 fish are included in the it.  All you need is glue.

A white square of paper is included that you can glue onto the back of each fish. Then write a number that corresponds with the same number on a prize. If you have a large party then you could put the same number on multiple prizes and as the guests catch their fish you can just put it back into the pond for someone else to fish.

We purchased a piece of blue poster paper and shaped it to look like a pond. Then just put the fish on it and let the kids fish.  Can be played outside as shown or inside the house.  You can get dark blue, light blue, white or any color you want at Walmart, The Dollar Store (69 cents) paper supply stores, XPEDX, The Paper Store and More etc. You could even paint a water scene on white poster paper. 

The magnet and the twine is included in the kit. All you need get is a dowel from any craft store for about $1.00. Just attach the twine and magnet as shown in this photo.  (You could use a twig from the yard too) 

Lime green

Lemon yellow

Apple red

Fabulous purple

Delicious Orange

Sea Blue

 You can purchase fun games at The Dollar Store or even Oriental Trading to give out to the party guests when they get their fish!

Click HERE to get this game for boys and/or girls birthday parties-Put it away after the party so you can play it again at future parties! 


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  1. How cute! I'll definitely be saving this post for a future party date!