Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ideas for Kids Play Room, Rain Gutter Book Shelves, and Library

We're sharing some great ideas today that you could use to create a space just for the kids....complete with their own library as well. All it takes is a little imagination to make a space like this fun for the kids.

Have you heard of rain gutter bookshelves? There easy to install and you can customize the size to fit any wall in your home.  Our wall quote "Imagination, because a good book has no ending" would be the perfect on the wall above the shelves. It's easy to do and it defines a space for a child's library. This darling playroom was decorated by my daughter and their kids love spending time in their own space-reading and creating.

This wall quote comes in two different colors but the quote comes in one won't have to put up "imagination" and then trying to match and center the sentence below. We make it easy for you. The paper banner is made up of colors that match the decor in the entire room so it is a great decor accessory,  easy to make and very colorful.

You can make these rain gutter bookshelves as long or as short as you like. How big is the blank wall you have? Customize it to fit any space in your home whether it's a large space or a small space.

There's a corner in this playroom that is very well organized with all the creative tools the kids need and use. There's a child-sized table next to it for coloring and creating, This system came from IKEA and is very affordable.

This reading corner is complete with a bean bag to sit on. Who knows, the kids may be so comfortable they may stay and while and read more in their own library.

The "LOVE" sign is so darling, and the distressed look is easy to do too. A piece of beadboard was used for the backing.

Material and a hoop is all you need for this darling wall decor.  Super Simple!

A place to hang up the dress-ups is easy with this shelf. 

Here's a easy tutorial for putting up Rain Gutter Shelves in your home.....and don't forget the vinyl quote to go above will just finish the look!  Click HERE for the Vinyl Quote


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