Monday, May 4, 2015

Have We Got Some Salads for You! Salads in a Jar, Chipotle, Pasta, Healthy Taco Salad & MORE!!!

Hey, how do you eat a salad out of a jar when all the good stuff is at the bottom of a tall jar?  You don't!  It's just a great way to take a salad to work that will still be crisp and fabulous at lunchtime.  All the dressing is in the bottom and all the veggies stay crisp and fresh until you pour it into a bowl for a yummy and healthy don't you feel great about lunch time?  Click HERE for all the recipes......Oh Yum!


I'm not sure why this is such a popular salad with women and not so much with men.......but doesn't this look so fabulously delicious? Especially when Strawberry Season is here. You'll want to check out the poppyseed dressing too  Click HERE for the recipe

Ahhhh, Pasta!  Why is it so good in a cold salad? Throw in some yummy vegetables, perhaps some meat, a little dressing and you've got a great lunch or dinner.  Click HERE to get the recipes

Better than Chipotle Burrito Bowl? It does look scrumptious....and just think, if it is as good as it looks you'll save a lot of money by making these at home.  Click HERE for the recipe

This Honey Chipotle Chicken bowl  is the perfect summer salad. Just think of it......Dinner on the patio with your significant other and this Honey Chipotle salad....Okay that is kind of dumb but at least you would be getting out of the house and enjoying a delicious dinner. Click HERE to get the recipe. Add it to your Pinterest recipe board too. 

For the recipe to this HEALTHY Taco Salad and other amazing salads Click HERE


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