Thursday, September 25, 2014

Halloween Treat-Candy Wraps for Teacher Appreciation, Party Favor and More

Need a special Halloween gift for teacher, family, friends, neighbors or for a classroom treat?  There are 16 nugget wraps in this kit, plus everything you need to make what you see in the photo.  Check out the orange, light orange and black wraps. 

 The chocolate candy comes wrapped in silver or gold paper. The wraps look good in either paper. (Hershey Nugget chocolate candies)

We've gathered together all the fun supplies so you don't have to! 

The trays are made out of this double-sided paper, Orange for the inside of the tray and the white with spiders on the back of the tray. (trays come pre scored)  Wrap a bag with the twine and then put through the hole in the pumpkin tag and tie a bow, but first write who they are from on the card.  Bags, twine, tray, candy wraps and tags are all a part of this kit-everything you need without shopping around for the perfect paper and other supplies
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Halloween Candy Wraps


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