Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Halloween Go Fish Game-Fun for Classroom Parties, Home, Church, Block Parties or School Carnivals

We designed this Go FISH game (kit) in a Halloween theme by using our favorite Halloween colors.  It's such a fun party game for the kids.  You could write a number on the back of each fish that corresponds to a treat, toy or prize to give the kids, if you like.

*Classroom Parties
*Church Parties
*Home Parties
*Neighborhood Parties
*School Carnivals
*Block Parties

 There are 6 different fish, each in a Halloween color. We designed the fish so there are two chances for the kids to catch them.  The eye is magnetic and so is the paper clip at the mouth.

The paper clip will attract the magnet, but there's a second way to get the fish. The eye is magnetic too.  There will be no way the kids can't catch a fish! Success all around!

As stated above, everything you need for this fun Halloween game is included in the kit except the wooden dowel.  You can buy them at any craft store but they may be about half the price if you go to Home Depot or other home improvement places.

Now doesn't this game look like something the kids would really enjoy! It may be the game they remember above all at the Halloween party!  You could use this game year after year.

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