Friday, September 19, 2014

Creative Ideas on Pumpkins Decorating, Carving and No-Carve Pumpkins!

Tired of doing your Halloween pumpkins the same way every year? Let's mix it up!  Below are some fun ways to do a pumpkin in a different way.  My favorite is Hop On Pop!  Instructions are included plus some have instructional videos and downloads.  Take a look and Enjoy!

I got a good laugh with this one--It's called Hop on Pop  Click HERE

 Stack-o'-Lantern  What a fun display for your front yard.  I would also call it a pumpkin totem pole  Click HERE for instructions

 Veggie Head is a creative approach to decorating a pumpkin  Click HERE

 Binky Babies would be one the kids might appreciate.  Click HERE

 Junk Foodies is so clever- Cheese Puffs and Black licorice?  Click HERE

 Masked Pumpkins means no carving whatsoever. Click HERE

 Good Old Frankenstein. Love this one!  Click HERE

 These pumpkin mummies are Tightly Wound!  Click HERE

And finally.....let's not forget the Witch Pumpkin--Love her Hair  Click HERE

This is such a clever idea and there's even a full  easy-to-follow tutorial with great pictures. Is there a pumpkin archway in your future? Click HERE


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