Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lots of Halloween Treat Boxes for Party Favors, Classroom Treats and Trick or Treaters-So Much Fun!

We've designed 7 different ways to package Halloween candy for party favors, classroom treats, Trick or Treaters and neighbor gifts and Halloween parties.  All are kits that are super simple to put together. So much fun! 

Our Spider Web treat box is topped by an adorable spider that the kids will love. Put small candies inside for a special treat. The spider web is cut out and a orange or green paper backing is added to give it dimension.

CLICK HERE  for our Spider/Spider Web Treat Box

"No Tricks, Just Treats" is the message on this cute treat package. Larger kinds of candy can fit inside this 4" tall x 3" wide pillow box. This is the largest treat box in this group.

CLICK HERE for these "No Tricks, Just Treats" Treat Box

If you're a fan of Dracula and ghosts then this is the treat box for you. It measures 3" tall x 2.5" wide and the kisses fit nicely in the box....plus other yummy treats.  Tie up the box with a black cord (included).

CLICK HERE for these Dracula and Ghost Treat Boxes

Our Bat treat box is a spooky one. The eyes of these bats are either yellow, green or orange.  The back flap. which hides the staple, is cut with a zig zag. A clear cellophane bag is included for you to put the Halloween treats inside.

The bats wings have score lines so you can bend them to give them dimension
CLICK HERE for a "Fang-Tastic" Treat Box

This treat box measures 3" tall x 2.5" wide. Super simple to put together....do you have glue and a stapler? Then you're all set. 

The side flaps tuck in nicely on the sides to hold in the Halloween treats

CLICK HERE for this cute Bat Treat Box

This "fry" box is cut out of paper designed with spider webs all over it.  Add this cut-out spider with black backing and it's something fun. The clear cellophane bags and ribbons are included. Just add candy and tie up with the orange ribbon.

CLICK HERE for more information on our Spider Treat Boxes

Any time of Halloween candy can be put into these bags. Fill them as full as you like.

This Happy  Jack-o-Latern has three layers! Kids will love this one! 
CLICK HERE to go to this cute Pumpkin Treat Box

We're sure you've found at least one Halloween Treat box that you'd like to have for your Halloween party, school party or to give trick-or-treaters. 

Why not mix and match sets and have a variety of treat boxes for your guests?  
 Click HERE to see all!


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