Friday, October 25, 2019

18 of the Yummiest Halloween Treats Around! Appetizers Recipes

How cute are these marshmallow pumpkins? Get the details HERE

Ahhh, a Twinkie all dressed up like a Mummy!  Get the Details HERE

Dark chocolate cupcake filled with pumpkin dough and topped with
pumpkin spice magic shell-So cute!  Bet it tastes yummy.  Click HERE

Cute witch hat cupcakes for a Monster Ball Halloween Party.
 Love the look!  Click HERE

If you like cake pops then you'll like these cute
witch hat cake pops. Click HERE

Here's a Halloween treat that is (mostly)
sugar free and so cute!  Click HERE

And now a special drink for your Halloween party.
 Halloween Sherbet Click HERE for recipe

Mini Monster Cheese Balls would be a great appetizer for
 your party.....and so cute. Click HERE

Yikes!  Love the color of these candy apples.
 Wonder how they taste?  Must find out! Click HERE

These candy corn cupcakes are so SWEET!
 They are bound to be the hit of the party! 
Click HERE for the recipe.

And yet another yummy way to eat an Oreo. These looks amazing!
 Click HERE

Gotta have this recipe for the pumpkin patch cupcake poppers. Click HERE

Make your own skeleton arms and bones to place in cupcakes
 and graveyard cakes. Super Simple and cheaper than buying
 the plastic ones.  Click HERE

More Marshmallow pops to make for Halloween-Get the recipe HERE

Are you a fan of Reeses AND cupcakes? Then this is for you!  Click HERE

Everybody loves a whoopie pie and these are especially for Halloween
Black Velvet Whoopie Pies, 
Click HERE for the recipe


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