Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Boo Bowling! A Ghostly Halloween Party Game that's Fun for the kids

 Here's a fun game for the kids at your Halloween party. It's a nice safe game. We first saw this game  in the Taste of Home magazine. It's a great idea!

Our dollar store paper towels had a bit of a design but I'm sure if you prefer a plain paper towel you can find them. You want a very thin roll. We tried to use our Costco paper towels and the roll was over an 1" thicker. (as it should be)  Use a clear piece of tape to secure the starting edge of the paper towel. (The starting edge on the paper towels I used was still secured to the roll so I didn't have to use tape) We bought the foam pumpkin at Michaels for $6.99. Already had the 1" electrical tape and the googly eyes.

Set up the 6 paper towel rolls in a triangle on a flat surface and let the kids take a turn throwing the pumpkin (as if it were a bowling ball)  and see how many "pins" they can knock down. This is a game that can be played over and over, as many times as they want and for as long as it is fun!

Use an exacto knife to cut the three circles. Just make sure they are large enough for everyone's fingers. You can either use black paint or black marker to color the sides of the circles. The foam is a dark yellow color and not very "Halloweenie" (is that a word?)

When we put the googly eyes on the bowling pins (attached with foam tabs) we made each one a little different, but it's up to you how you style your ghosts.  So now you have another fun game to add to your Halloween tradition and best of all it's easy on the wallet...... Enjoy!


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