Tuesday, June 10, 2014

SO Many Water Games Including Water Balloon Games for the Kids Summer Vacation

Water balloon games can be a fun activity for the kid's Summer Vacation. You can cool off while playing a game.  Be sure to have plenty of balloons filled and ready to go before you start out on any of the water balloon games below.....because once the balloons are gone.....so is the fun!  I'm pretty sure one game will lead to another and another. A fun-filled summer is in your future! Summer Activities!

Water Balloon Piñata

This water balloon game can be so much fun!  Instead of candy falling down after the object is burst open, it's water!  We suggest filling the balloons very full.....they will burst easier when hit if they are full. If not, it may be frustrating trying to pop it. (Having raised all girls, I didn't have a plastic bat to use, but I suggest you use one or something else, but not a real bat)  To get all the directions Click HERE

Water Balloon Volley

Start with a bucket full of water balloons
1.  Divide the kids into two teams and pair them up.
2.  Each pair gets a beach towel and each child holds two corners of the towel.
3.  One side begins by placing a water balloon in the center of their towel.  The object is to toss the balloon from one pair of kids to another, with the opposing side catching the balloon in their towel,
This can be played with a net or simply pace off a distance between opposing teams.

Water Balloon Squat

One Bucket per team with at least 30 wall balloons in each
Chalk to mark the start and finish line

This relay race needs at least 2 teams with equal players.  The start and finish lines should be about 20 feet apart.  Place the bucket of balloons at the start line in front of each team.  When you say "go" the first person grabs a balloon and runs to the finish line. When they reach the finish line they must sit on their balloon and pop it.  The player then runs back to the starting line and gives the next person in line a high five and then they go...and so on...until the whole team is done.  Make sure that the group picks up the balloon pieces before moving on.

Water Balloon Dodge Ball

Need: Water Balloons and 2 plastic tubs
Players:  small to large groups

Have at least 5 water balloons for each player (game will last longer if you have more than 5) 
Divide into 2 groups on opposite sides of a line with each side having their balloons in a plastic tub.   If you are hit with a water balloon you are out (like dodge ball)  
Set rules:  No aiming above the waist!  No hitting in the face.

Water Balloon Toss with a Twist

Make a small hole or several small holes in a water balloon and fill with water. Then have the participants form a circle and have them toss the balloon to each other, either across to each other or to the child next to them.  You don't want to be the last one holding the balloon when all the water is gone out of the balloon. It's a fun and quick game that the kids will love.

If you would like to see A LOT more fun Water games, including more Water Balloon games click HERE  (KidActivities.net)  Your kid's summer is about to get a lot more FUN!!!

For a really fun way to Organize your Kids Summer Activities Click HERE


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