Tuesday, May 27, 2014

See the Disney UP House in Herriman Utah--Fun Summer Activity for You and the Kids!

We finally got a chance to go up and see the Disney "UP" house in Herriman Utah.  It is such a darling house.  When we drove up to the house there were two white work vans parked in front. (they are building a house directly to the left of the Up house)  We were lucky that they moved one of the vans before we had to leave so we could get these photos. Don't you love the wisp of a cloud up in the right top corner?

The builder, Bangerter Homes,  got special permission from Disney to build the house on one condition....that after it is completed they would turn the plans over to them which would make the house a one-of-a-kind!

Blair Bangerter, one of the owners of Bangerter Homes, in conjunction with the Salt Lake City Home Builders Association came up with a fun idea to get visitors and potential buyers to come to their Parade of Homes show by building this replica of Carl and Ellie's house from Disney's movie "UP"  The house  drew about 1,000 people a week during visiting hours.To see an interview with the builder and get more information about the house click HERE

Want to see the original house plans?   Click HERE 

The total square space of the house is about 2,800 square feet and took about 4 months to complete There is a basement in this house, unlike the real one. There is a detached two car garage too.  I read here it sold for $400,000 to a couple from California who thought it was the perfect home for them. You can still make arrangements to take photographs inside the home by appointment. Outside photos are okay without appointments.  We didn't have any problems snapping these photos today. 

There is a nice park with a slide and other outdoor toys just across the street where you could have a picnic after viewing the home.

The Rapunzel play house has since been added to the house-It was cute too.

 This what the house looked like when it was first built.  However there are a lot of beautiful homes surrounding this cute Disney house now!  (Paul Fraughton-Photograph from the Salt Lake Tribune) 

  There were balloons at the top of the house on the weekends during the Parade of Homes. The Disney Blog

(Paul Fraughton-Photograph from the Salt Lake Tribune) 

So that's the outside of this darling "UP" house. If you want to see the inside just click HERE to see a video tour...Cute, Cute, Cute! 

What a great activity for Summer Vacation, that is if you happen to live in Utah or are planning a visit there.  The address is 13218 South  5390 West, Herriman Utah


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