Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tips and Tricks-Money Bouquet, Ribbon Storage, Organize Cords, Super Hero Bins and More!

We've found more fun tips and tricks to make your life a little bit easier.  My favorite is the money bouquet at the bottom of the post. What's yours?

Have you seen the Oreo Dipr? (dipper)  See how you put the hook inside the frosting.....makes it very easy to dip no matter how much milk is in the glass.  See more photos over at  Graziest Gadgets  Available for sale HERE

Love the idea of this family tree. So very cute!  You'll be surprised at the things they used to make the branches and leaves.  Literally will cost you pennies!   Click HERE for the Tutorial

Why didn't I think olf that!  All the bath toys neatly tucked into each basket. What did they use to hang the baskets from?  Find out over at Frugal Tips and Freebies

If you've ever shrunk any of your clothing by washing and drying them and thought you had to throw or give them away then you'll want to see this easy tip.  One Good Thing

This tip makes life so much easier. Get all the details on how to make eating in the car easier for the kids  Lookie What I Did

Wouldn't this be a nice addition to your office or scrapbook/craft room. Take some boring storage units and make them colorful.  Get all the details at Kinder-Crazy

All kinds of great information that you never knew is available over at Bits and Pieces  Click over to see more household remedies!

Learn how to make your own scratch-off cards. Would be fun to make one for Valentine's Day with a heart shape. See the tutorial over at ARTMIND

Do you have a little Super Hero at home?  These cutebins will store all their treasures and add a bit of their favorite Super Hero to their bedroom. See how it's done over at Sugar Tot Designs

Clever way to store ribbon and twine etc. You'll want to see all her clever ideas so head over to Kreative Jewels

Oh, how i love this idea for organizing all your electronic cords. Everything has a place and is in it's place which make them easy to find.  Head over to Be Simply Organized to get all the details

These plastic bag dispensers from IKEA are great for storing your wrapping paper and you can see the paper through the container.  SOURCE

Excellent and unexpected gift for birthday or special occasion. You can bet no one else got them a gift like this!  See the tutorial and find out how to make this Money Gift over at Jenn Balcer

I'm so happy to have found this tip on how to quickly defrost meat. It's from the America's Test Kitchen so you know it is safe.  If your like me and don't think ahead all the time on what you'd like to cook for dinner and you've got a freezer full of frozen meat, then this tip is a must for you to see. Check out the short Video! Click HERE


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  1. I am in love with the fast food car basket! Genius!! Not that we eat a lot of fast food in the car over here or anything... haha.