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(Over 30 Recipes) Super Bowl Party Food-Yummy Appetizers, Desserts Etc

My philosophy when it comes to entertaining and parties, whether it's the Super Bowl or holiday, birthday or any special occasion is this........ If you're going to invite people over to your home serve the most delicious food you can  and make sure there is plenty of it.....Do this and when your family and friends leave your party they will be giving you nothing but compliments and won't hesitate a second to say yes on the next invitation. They'll also go away thinking you are such a fabulous cook. That being said.....we've found some dishes below that we think would certainly be crowd pleasers and no, good food doesn't have to be expensive. Just start with a good recipe, following it exactly for the same results every time you make it and use good quality ingredients. Your Super Bowl party is going to be amazing, I promise!

Mini cheeseburgers or "sliders" is a great idea. Not only are they a kid friendly food but they won't fill your guests up like a regular sized hamburger would and you know if you've got a lot of yummy food  your guests will want to try everything. Use your oven's broiler instead of an outdoor grill to make these. (wouldn't want anyone going out in freezing temperatures to cook) Click HERE

This Chipotle and Buttermilk Fried Chicken fingers looks amazing and perfect finger food for your Super Bowl party.   Get the recipe at  The Three Little Piglets

 This Pico de Gallo recipe sounds delicious and according to the site where we found it......the most amazing recipe ever!  If this isn't a perfect addition to your Super Bowl menu, then I don't know what is.  Serve it aside a big bowl of your favorite tortilla chips. I like to have something like this for guests to snack on as they arrive, it puts them at ease and holds them over until everything is ready to eat.  Find the recipe over at  Hire the Stache

This French Onion burger may just be a hit with the men in your life....okay the women too. I can just see the smiles on the faces of your family and friends! Get the recipe over at "Jamie Cooks It Up"

A hot dish of Chicken Nachos from Betty Crocker sounds great for any kind of get-together.  Get the recipe over at Betty Crocker's web site  (see the pulled pork nachos below)

Oh Yum!  These Teriyaki chicken bacon skewers would make all the Bacon Lovers you know happy...then there's the pineapple and teriyaki chicken. Put out a platter of these and watch them disappear!  Head over to Boyer's Try This to get the recipe.

These Kansas City  BBQ Nachos looks yummy. The flavors of Kansas City BBQ pulled pork inspire this delicious nacho platter, complete with layers of chips, beans and cheese. I can see people really getting excited about this dish. Head over to Betty Crocker to get the recipe

Slow Cooker Beef Brisket Tacos are perfect for a busy day. It cooks all day and then when you're ready you just assemble the taco. Easy!  Cook on high for 4 to 5 hours or low for 8 to 10 hours. Head over to Betty Crocker to get the recipe

I wanted to include these Chicken Bacon and Cream Cheese mini taquitos.....they looked so good. You can find the recipe over at "Mommy I'm Hungry"

Do you like Arby's curly fries? The author of this blog says these taste like Arby's curly fries...."once you get the hang of making these curly creations you'll never go straight again"  There's also a photo of a Twin Curly cutter. It's a must-see recipe. Head over to  The Family Kitchen to get the recipe

Chili would hit the spot....full of flavor and served hot.  If you head over to the Betty Crocker web site you will find all kinds of yummy recipes for chili including this Buckeye State Chili. Click HERE  for this recipe plus others.  Below are more recipes from Food Network.

These Super Bowl Wings  will be a welcome site at your party.  Click HERE to get the recipe.  (If you want a easy way, Costco has Buffalo Wings that are delicious, in the frozen section-just heat them up)   Here are some more chicken wing recipes: (For some reason the men really love chicken wings) 

How about a homemade onion dip? This one is a sweet onion dip, only because they use Vidalia onion. I'm sold on that onion!  In fact when they come in season and I can get them at my local Costco store I buy 2 or 3 bags, take them home and slice and chop them up into small pieces and some into onion rings and freeze them so I can have this sweet onion all year long.  Serve this onion dip with potato chips and people will rave! Much better than the Lipton onion dip and sour cream recipe.  Click HERE to get the recipe. (when you cook the onions till nice and brown they are caramelized and sweet)

 7 Layer Dip is a family favorite. It's a really great  to have something like this out for your family and friends to snack on until it's time to eat. This recipe is a little bit different than the one I usually make but sounds delicious and worth a try. Click HERE for the recipe

How about a Whoopie pie in the shape of a football? Yes!  Get all the details over at Make Merry

This Banana cream pie has a secret ingredient.....It's a Vanilla Wafer crust......but you'll want to read her story this pie and a restaurant pie and then get the recipe.  It will be a delcious end to a fabulous party.  Head over to Lick the Bowl Good

Please your Snicker candy bar fans with this Snicker salad. Have you never had a Snicker's Salad?  No?  Well then head on over to check out the recipe to see if this is a must have at your party. Ambitious Kitchen

Have you ever had a Blueberry Cream Cheese brownie Cupcake?  I haven't but I'm telling you I'm definitely going to try's something different and also yummy!  Head over to Slap Dash Mom to get the recipe. I've heard the Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) say that your guests may not remember what you cooked for dinner but they will always remember the dessert! 

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  1. Yes yes yes for amazing party food ideas! We always love throwing parties at our house and I'm always on the hunt for some really good snacks for everyone.