Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lots of Fun Car Activities-For Summer Vacation (If the kids are happy, Mom's happy)

A lot of  you are headed out for Summer Vacation in your car.  These kind of vacations can be wonderful. But sometimes they have their "I'm bored" moments for the kids.  But, if you come prepared you might not hear that phrase as much this trip.  Some of my favorite things kids say while traveling in the car:
She touched me
He's breathing my air
You're in my space
Mom, he won't stop touching me
Are we there yet?
He's sitting on me
I'm hungry
I think I'm going to be sick
There's nothing to do!
I'm bored
I'm hot
I'm cold
Can you turn the radio up
Can you turn the radio down
I've got to go to the bathroom, right now!
When are we stopping to eat?

Don't get me wrong,..you will probably still hear some if not all of these things on your car trip but if you've got something up your sleeve, you may hear them less.  We've gathered together some fun ideas for you to take with you on your trip.  Keep your notebook with all your ideas and your "fun bag" with you at all times for this could be the trip that they remember as "one of the really great ones"

They have some really good ideas over at "I am Momma-hear me roar"  10 ways to keep kids happy in the car of a road trip!   I particulary like her idea of Glow Sticks at night-they became light sabers.  Check out all their ideas

Here's a great site that gives you some fun activities that you can download, print, laminate and attach with a binder ring to take with you in the car.  All 17 ideas with little effort on your part.  Head on over to SMALL TYPES to get the free download

Get 40+ Road Trip Activities for your Summer (car trip) Vacation with preschoolers and toddlers!  Kids Activity Blog

These road trip bingo games will keep the kids busy for a while.  Get the link to the free download over at  Oopsey Daisy.

At this travel site you'll find a lot of really great activities to download
plus once you get to the site there are other links for more activities
. Check this one out by clicking  HERE  Some of the things you'll find are below.  

Word Searches

Road Trips
Plane Trips

Crossword Puzzles

Road Trips
United States Fun Facts

Classic Travel Activities

Free Coloring Pages for Kids
License Plate Scavenger Hunt
Car Scavenger Hunt
Connect the Dots
Tic Tac Toe
Road Trip Bingo

These cute games can be found over at Prepared, Not Scared

Want to see how much it will cost you to get to your destination? Go to this site, put in your address, destination address and make and model of car and it will calculate it for you.  Click HERE to get this info

The shoe bag is a very valuable tool in the car....Really?  Really!   It will keep everything organized, off the floor and off the seats where they can be sat on and broken, and best of all if is right in front of the child where they can reach whatever they want!  A clean car is a happy car!  SOURCE

Get the fun game "I Spy" for your next car trip. It will keep the kids very busy looking in passing cars and at the people on the streets etc. 3 Pages in each color. I love how there is a picture AND a word on one of the sheets. That way the older kids can use the same cards as the younger ones
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