Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{Freebies} Summer Reading Fun: Printables, Games, Coloring, Screen Savers, eCards from your Favorite Children's Books

We've found a site that has free printables from some of your children's favorite books.  There are over 167 different books to choose from.  You'll find paper dolls, puzzles, coloring pages, activities, games, quizzes, ecards, screen savers, contests and a Listening Station etc....you name it and you'll find it.  Check out the books from the library, (or buy them)  read the book, then download the printables about that book and you will have created a very fun afternoon for your children...Could make it a weekly event-a sort of a book club for the summer--they could even do book reports using the printables.  It's a fun way to get the kids excited about reading.  Browse down the photos to see if your favorite book is shown.

    Did you find  your child's favorite book? Maybe there are some new ones that they would enjoy too.  All these fun activities are over at the  Harper Collins Children's site  

 Click here to go to their "LISTENING"  page.  The book above are just a few of the ones you can listen to for free.

Click HERE to go to their GAMES page

Wherever you go on the Harper Collins Children's site you're sure to find a great reading activity for the kids.  Make it a memorable summer!


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