Sunday, May 20, 2012

Over 1,900 Cheap and Free Things to Do In Utah During Summer Vacation

Found some fun things for you to do this summer with the kids......and most of them are free.  If you live in Utah you can find some excellent activities that won't break the bank. If you're planning a vacation to Utah you should definitely check out all the links below.

To see a complete calendar of  Free events  throughout the State of Utah Click HERE   It's a really great resource for free activities!

My granddaughter just took the Utah State Capital tour with her school class and she thought it was AMAZING!  It is fun and educational. I'm going to do this one for sure. Get the schedule for the tours HERE

From She Knows City Guide you'll find some some really great things to do that are free  including the following (There's more's fun categories on their site!

                   GILGAL SCULPTURE GARDEN            Sweets Candy Factory Tour

Admission is free to the BYU Museum of Art. Take the kids and have an afternoon they won't soon forget.  Click HERE to see their hours, location and parking information.

Head on up to the Gateway Mall to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum.  Tons of fun for the kids. Click HERE to get their hours and parking information. (Admission is not free-Can purchase parking pass for $1 that will cover three hours of parking) 

We flew over the Kennecott Copper Mine a month ago and it was so beautiful that I'm dying to go there and take the tour.  Through May there are days where the tour is free, normally it is $5 per car.  Click HERE to go to their site and check it all out  and Click HERE to see the Calendar to see which days are free. 

Hogle Zoo isn't a free activity but it could be such great fun for the family. Pack a lunch and send the day at the Hogle Zoo.  Click HERE to go to their website to get more information. 

 Found a web site that lists 1,934 Cheap and FUN things to do in Utah. Yes, I did say 1,934!  Get all the info you need to plan a day trip or a vacation.  I can predict a FABULOUS SUMMER for you and your family this year!

 The link to the original web site  for over 1900 cheap things to do in Utah is bad now but here's another link with monthly events for 2013 for Utah. It's a great one too! Lots of activities. Click HERE

Click HERE  for 546 fun things to do in Utah.

Here's a guide to all the National Parks within the United States. Go to the site and click on your state on the map to get all the information you'll need to plan a wonderful trip to one our of the beautiful Parks.
Until the end of May you can get into any Park for free! 
(CLICK ON THE PHOTOS to go to the links for the states below and above) 

Want to be a friend of the National Park Service on Facebook?  Here's the LINK  How about their YouTube Site?  Here's the LINK for that one.

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  1. Wow, thanks for this and putting it together.

  2. Thanks for the link back to my Enjoy Utah! site!!! :) I also wrote the SheKnows cityguide. :) There are a TON of fun things to do for free! Thanks for posting them! :) - Michelle Powell, Enjoy Utah! founder