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(Gotta See) Tons of Fun Summer Activities to Keep the Kids Busy

What to do on a hot summer day? How to keep the kids busy and doing things that will develop their talents and their minds and is fun to do?  We've found some great ideas below and I'm certain you will find some activities that your kids will want to do on their summer vacation.  It's all about preparation and organizing....If you do this then your summer can be a memorable one!

Make a SummerTime Activity Jar for this Summer Vacation-It will be both fun and Organized. Easy to put together and a memory maker!  Click HERE to get more details

102 Summer Activities for kids means that you will have so many choices of fun things to do this summer that you might be able to choose. Head on over to Divvy Up Diva get started on your summer fun!

Once you decide what activities you want to do this summer, a chart is a very good idea. Gives the kids something to look forward to, organizes the summer for you--Just a good idea!  Click HERE to go to an earlier post of ours featuring two of these Summer Charts from The Crafting Chicks. Get more information about how to make this chart over at  The Crafting Chicks  They also give you 45 fun activity ideas too. 

These Marshmallow Shooters look like a lot of fun. Especially since it's marshmallows you're shooting. They don't hurt and they taste delicious, especially if they are fresh.  Sure to be a fun afternoon for all!  See how to make these with the photo tutorial.  Head on over to Mom's Crafty Space to get more details.

Lava Lamps are so much fun and now you can make one yourself.  All the directions are over at  S.L. Smith Photography  to get the details.  The kids are going to love this one! 

50, yes, I said 50 summer crafts for kids. With that large of a number you're sure to find something your children would be interested in doing and/or learning. Summer is the perfect time to learn how to knit, crochet, paint, or even bake/cook because you've got the extra time.  Head on over to The Long Thread to see all!

There are some really fun Summer Activities in this post.  You'll find
 Water Games
 Outdoor Games
 Car Games
 Backyard Games
and Printables  
Fun for all!  Head over to Wonder Time to get all the details

If you live near the Sundance Ski Resort (Utah) then you are in for a lot of fun! (if not, why not plan a trip over)  The skiing is great but the summer activities are fun too.  Click HERE to see all that is available for your Summer Fun!

Speaking of Utah Ski Resorts....Park City has a lot of fun activities too. Make it a day and come and enjoy the beautiful scenery, mountain activities, Outlet shopping and much more.  Click HERE to get more information on what fun you can find at Park City.

How about a Drive-In Movie night? Make a car for everyone out of a cardboard box....let them design the outside. Have your party inside or get a screen and show the movie outside.  The concession stand will be open with lots of fun things to eat  too. Head on over to Parties and Holidays to see how they planned this fun Drive In Movie Night.

Coloring macaroni these fun rainbow colors is very easy......but will supply hours of fun while girls make necklaces using these colorful macaroni pieces.  Great fun for a party or even to send home as a party favor.  Get all the instructions over at My Name is Snickerdoodle

Here are some finger paints that are safe for your kids to eat.....because you know they are going to lick their fingers and possibly eat the pudding rather than paint with it.  Safe, fun and delicious.  Get the recipes over at  Mess for Less

These candy necklaces are sure to be a hit with the kids. Bowls of gummy candy, colored cereal and other fun things.  There's even a free printable label so you can make up a box for each person.  Gotta check it out over at Paper and Cake  The perfect activity for a party too.

A Summer Bucket List sounds like a wonderful idea.  Get input from the whole family as to what they would like to do this summer. At this blog you can read about how they broke the activities down into "All day activities" and "Half day Activities" and " Two Hour Activities"  with different colored cards. Then just  select the activity that will fit in with any other activities you have going on that day.  Lots of great ideas over at  Little Wonders Days  Then we found another "Bucket List" post over at Positively Spendid  They called it their "Family Summer Bucket List"  They have some really fun ideas there so be sure to check out both.

Click on this link "How to make huge bubbles"  to go to a earlier post of ours about how to have FABULOUS fun making BIG bubbles-Even one so large it can surround a child! 

Click HERE to go to out earlier post with a lot more fun ideas for summer activities.

Click HERE to see our newest post about Fun activities for your next Car Trip/Vacation



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