Monday, April 2, 2012

{Gotta See} Amazing Food Blog: Waiting for Gateau

I stumbled upon this site that was sooooo amazing that I had to post about it. It's Called Waiting for Gateau While browsing through amazing photos of their recipes I read that they was trying to preserve their family recipes and that is so great. I think you're going to like how basic but delicious these recipes are.....meaning they don't have an overwhelming amount of ingredients and are easy to put together. I can't wait to make the peach pie with the streusel topping, and then there's the tarts and the cookies and the savory recipes. Take a look below and I think you'll agree with me that Chris is an amazing baker.

The first recipe I tried was this yummy frosting recipe. We were making our Easter cookies and I wanted a spectacular frosting and that is exactly what I got. You'll be surprised at the ingredients that make it such a smooth and creamy frosting. Your sugar cookies are going to be so delicious!  Below are some recipes that I know you are going to have to try. Bon Appetit!

 philadelphia-style ice cream 
french style frozen custard 
fresh peach sorbet 
old-fashioned ice cream sandwiches 

 streusel-topped fruit pie
no-fail pie dough 
seasonal fruit pie w/ variations 
strawberry shortcake 

"cold-oven" pound cake 
grandma's "tipsy" cake
ton-of-fudge cake
sticky toffee cake (sticky toffee pudding)

There are many more wonderful recipes on this site. Chris says he will be releasing an  E-Cookbook this October and I can hardly wait. Check back every week for the Recipe of the Week.  This last week was a yummy chocolate chip cookie.  Check out all the categories they have. I'm sure to find something you'll want to make right away. Click HERE to go directly to "Waiting for Gateau"


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