Friday, April 6, 2012

Arranging Fruit to make it look fabulous! Yummy recipes!

Don't you love all the lovely fruits that are available? We've found some ways to present your fruit in a fabulous ways that will make them appealing to everyone, including the ones of your family who aren't crazy about fruit. Fun for family dinners, parties and get-togethers.  With all the pretty colors of fruit you can really make an impressive display.  Check out all the ideas below and be sure to click through to the original sites.

Such a great idea for a birthday Cake!  See all the details of this 1st birthday party over at See My Footprints

Rainbow Fruit Skewers with delicious fruit dip SKINNYTASTE

What a lovely display and yummy dessert SOURCE

 Take a pineapple and skewer it with kabobs of fruit. Sweet!  SOURCE

Chocolate dipped strawberries and a Pineapple-Looks Nice  SOURCE

Such a pretty arrangement and perfect for a Valentine DinneSOURCE

A fruit train? Now that takes a lot of creativity. They used  a lot of different fruit too. Kids tend to eat their fruit (or veggies) then there is fun involved!  SOURCE

Yummy!  Get the recipe for this Dreamsicle Fruit Dip. It will be amazing! SOURCE

Fun ways to present fruit for a party or a special event.  All of the photos can be found on this web site. Click HERE  It's a Pinkalicious Party

How to arrange this fruit platter plus 7 tips for building a Fabulous looking fruit arrangements. SOURCE

Love this presentation-It looks so delicious  SOURCE

Here's your fruit in a frozen state. Raspberry and white cherry Yogurt Pops--Yum!   SOURCE


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