Friday, March 23, 2012

School Lunch Ideas -Scooby Doo, Alien, Recipe-Hershey Chocolate Syrup, Molded Eggs and The Lorax

If your kids like Scooby Doo then take a look at the lunch below. If they like birds then there's a birdhouse lunch too.  Have you ever made a sealed sandwich before?  It might be a fun change for the kids!  Love of fun ideas to take an ordinary food and make it into a "fun" food.  Kids like fun! 

Cute Cute Cute, is all I can say about this birdhouse lunch. SOURCE

Scooby Doo Lunch-Adorable dog...Love the Scooby snacks SOURCE

How about an Alien lunch? Kids will love it!   SOURCE

If your kids like chocolate milk like mine and you buy the Hershey chocolate syrup....have I got news for you. You can make your own and it isn't expensive at all.  You'll be saving money and you'll know exactly what goes into it.  Try this out.  Source and Recipe

Yummy lunchbox treat- Inside the pencil is a package of Rolos with a candy kiss at the top....It's so clever! Source and Directions

Both these cute lunch items are inspired by "The Lorax" movie.  (Dr. Seuss) They are so much fun. The kids will love them  SOURCE and DIRECTIONS

Such a great idea, especially for peanut butter and jelly  It doesn't squeeze out when the kids are eating it!  Here's the TUTORIAL for the Lamb Sandwiches  and here's the TUTORIAL for the sealed sandwich  

Have you seen these molds for hard boiled eggs? So cute (especially if your kids like them for lunch)  SOURCE  They aren't very expensive.  Find some of the molds  HERE, HERE and  HERE

To see lots of fun things for the kids, back to school and Teacher Appreciation Click HERE

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