Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fabulous Party Decorations For Any Kind Of Celebration

A backdrop can add a lot of color  and detail to any party or celebration. Whether you use one basic color or many colors, it can be an inexpensive addition to your party decor.  All of the backdrops below are something you can do yourself. You can buy crepe paper at Hobby Lobby for only $1 and the rolls are almost twice what I've found elsewhere. Tissue paper is inexpensive too. A backdrop will frame your dessert table or gift table. Yeah, you've got this!

Love the look of this backdrop. They are paper chains.  Make a rainbow of colors or just one solid color. It's totally up to you. The kids could even help with this one.  SOURCE

Such a colorful balloon garland. There's a photo tutorial for it too! Had on over to Design Mom to get all the details and have this fun garland at your next party!

Love this Candy Garland. Easy to make but sooooo cute!   SOURCE

These are decorations for a baby shower, but it can be used for any kind of celebration. I used this for my daughter's baby shower and it looks great!  Your choice of color will make it dramatic or whimsical.  SOURCE  Here's a Tutorial for the Tissue Paper Poms/Flowers. Click HERE

If you're looking for some fun printables for your Baby Shower click HERE.  The file includes a lot of fun things!

 Love the look of these flowers for party-So Colorful! You'll never guess what they're made of and how easy they are to make. Someone is sooo clever.... Check it out!  SOURCE

These colorful circles are cut out of scrapbook paper  and sewn together with a sewing machine. It is so easy. Just pick a pattern for your colors, or not!  SOURCE

How simple is this? Just tape balloons, in different sizes, on the wall as a backdrop. SOURCE

 ZigZag streamers are so colorful and whimsical-It will bring fun to the party!  SOURCE

 What a fabulous backdrop--Photos of the birthday person arranged in their age!  SOURCE

How about a wall of crepe paper....Super Easy and  dramatic    SOURCE

A happy and colorful bed linen print with bright swirls of flowers and paisley from Pottery Barn Teen was used as the backdrop for the dessert table  SOURCE

Paper rosettes will look pretty behind your dessert table too. There easy to make and a tutorial is included in this post  SOURCE

Just had to include this cute Party decoration here (I shared it on a Tips and Tricks post but it truly belongs here)  They used plastic tablecloths and gathered them in the middle with balloons. So simple. Love itSOURCE

Love the look of this paper flower garland backdrop.  Make them in the color scheme of your party to make a fabulous backdrop for your food table. Ellinee

Balloons on the wall, what a great idea!  The confetti on the floor and the zig zag streamers are nice too.  Get more Info  over at Mom Tog

Love this colorful backdrop  made entirely out of crepe paper. The desserts looks yummy too. See how this is done and find yummy recipes at Glorious Treats

And just in case you are having a baby shower I wanted to show you this fabulous fondant cake!  Wouldn't this be perfect at the party? SOURCE

We have a lot of fun Printables (INSTANT DOWNLOAD) in our Etsy Shop.  Come on over and see everything----things for kids, for teachers, for parties etc.  Click HERE


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