Monday, February 27, 2012

Clutter Jail? A Fun Way to Teach Your Child to Put Away Their Toys

Ran across this post and thought it might possibly be something that you could use.  It's a positive way to teach your children to be responsible for putting their toys away and keeping their room clean. Here's how it works.  

If your child leaves clutter (toys) out and lying around, it goes into Clutter Jail. To get their item out, your child must draw one of the Clutter Jail Community Chest cards and complete the task.(Isn't this a cute sign?)

To create your clutter jail, print out and tape the jail page on a laundry basket or box. Then cut the Community Chest cards and place then next to the jail.  Be sure to head on over to the iMom blog to get the download link for the Clutter Jail sign.  Of course, you could always make up your own Community Chest cards. I would suggest you do that as you know your children better than anyone else.  Click HERE to get the link.

You'll soon find out which toys your child has lost interest in or outgrown.  Then would be a good time to give the toys to a younger sibling or donate it them to Goodwill.


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