Monday, January 16, 2012

Sweet Mini Desserts for a Special Valentine's Day Dinner

Let's have some decadent and delicious desserts for our Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner.  Chocolate is always great but there are some other options.  All the yummy treats below include the recipe.  Best to make before the actual "day" so you know if you like it.  Bon Appetit for you and your sweetheart.

How about some Mini German Chocolate Cakes? Don't they look delicious. RECIPE

Then there's always this yummy dessert-Chocolate Raspberry Cake-Another mini dessert. RECIPE

Coconut Macaroons are always delicious and easy to make. RECIPE

Salted Peanut Caramel Clusters may just be the treat to finish the night. RECIPE

 How about a Mudslide and Brownie Trifle in a 6.5 oz glass. RECIPE

 These Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pies looks fabulous! RECIPE

Caramel Apple Trifles look good too, especially if you like fruit desserts. RECIPE

Here's a very easy one....and when I say easy.....I mean easy!  It's a mini Nilla wafer cookie with a banana in between two and rolled in sprinkles. There's a little bit of peanut butter in between too. But the great thing is they don't look like they were easy to make....impressive!  RECIPE

 Check out this Valentine bark using Valentine candy corns-Yum! RECIPE

 What's the secret of this Valentine cupcake? Find out HERE

  This is the perfect dessert for Valentine's Day. It's a Cherry Cheesecake-bite sized dessert. Yummy! SOURCE


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