Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{Freebies} DIY Clever Valentines Day Card & Wrapping-Very Unique

Just wanted to share these  CUTE Valentine ideas with you.  If you like making your own Valentine cards then the first one is for you (especially if you have boys)  and if you like clever ideas for wrapping up your Valentine's gift then the second one is for you and if you want to include candy in your Valentine then the third one is what you'll want.

Such a cute and unique card!  "Partner, hand over your heart" and on the gun "This is a stickup"  with a piece of gum. You could also fill the holster with candy and wrap up in a bag. Easy to make too. Get the free template HERE

I love how they wrapped up this Valentine gift They have embellished the package with so much cuteness! Kids will surely remember who gave them this Valentine Treat/gift  SOURCE

 Cute Valentine Card with candy inside. Easy to make....Check out the tutorial-The kids won't forget where this valentine came from! Free Rocket Rollo Printable download.... SOURCE



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