Friday, January 6, 2012

A Pixy Stix That You Can Make Yourself? No Way! What a Fun Treat!

How fun is this? A recipe for Homemade Pixie Sticks or Pixie Sticks as they call them.  Do you cringe like I do watching the kids pour the "sugar" down their throat as they devour a pixie stick?  Here's a healthy alternative to that....well healthier.  Check out this post (Still some sugar)

I'd like to show you more photos but don't want to give away the big secret that is on the "Shindig Parties To Go" blog.   Brittany from Edible Details shows you how it's done.

Once you've made your own Pixy Stix come over and see how to make a darling Valentine's Day Treat we call "Cupid's Arrow" where the Pixy Stix is the primary ingredient.  See photos below and then click on the link for more info.

CLICK HERE to get all the Details on how to put these together!  We'll even do all the work for you!  (it's a kit)


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