Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sweet Christmas Decorations To Make or Buy

Here are some quick Christmas decorating ideas. Use some ideas from these photos along with what decorations you already have to come up with something fabulous for your home. All of these decorations can be purchased at Trendy Tree if you'd rather not make it yourself, or they have the individual items to put something like this together. Check it out. (The wreaths are from PaperSource)

Cut out your own holly leaf template and make it yourself or find this wreath at the Paper Source

Find this wreath at the Paper Source 

 Find all three of these paper wreaths Paper Source. Click here to see This one

You could either hang red, green and white punched circles or pompoms on this tree. 

                                                                Trendy Tree

Most of the decorations above can be found @ Trendy Tree

Most of these decorations can be found HERE


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