Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Cards Arriving? How to Display them? Here's how!

Let's come up with some fun ways to display those beautiful Christmas cards you will be receiving this Christmas season.  Displaying them using something below will make the cards seem even more special.

 This one is so easy you will laugh! So unique---It's a Ruler Christmas Tree.  There's a tutorial too SOURCE

All you need here is a pretty vase, a ribbon and some gathered tree limbs from the yard to make this amazing display.  Martha Stewart

Create a Christmas tree display with your Christmas cards-Easy and no money required, unless you need to buy tape!

Cute Cute Cute and so simple. Just paint a pair of shutters and place the cards inside each slat. You can get shutters at Home Depot etc.pearls-handcuffs-happyhour

Check out another Christmas card display using a shutter screen. Put it in the unused corner in your home and you've got something really nice.  Pretty Handy Girl

Here's a unique one! Fill jars with foam, add ribbon and forks and there you go!  Fun for the kitchen! Love the ribbon BHG

Got an extra ladder hanging around?  Yes? well then give it a coat of paint and add some bungee cords and you're set. (If not, theres a tutorial down below for putting one together)  It's definitely something you won't see at your friends house!  BHG

 You could even use a wire Christmas tree to hold and display your Christmas cards SOURCE

 Cardboard, green fleece and ribbon are about all you need for this fun Christmas tree shaped card display. Family Fun

 Love the lime green theme here! Tie ornaments on the line and clip your Christmas cards on it. Cute draped across a large bare well!   Grace Amoire Blog

 Ribbon and Paper---Love the look! SOURCE

There's a Tutorial for this cute ladder-It will hold your Christmas Cards, Christmas Stockings or anything else you want. SOURCE

 Now isn't this cute!  It's a painted wood board with clothes pins attached.  SOURCE

If you have one very special card you'd like to display do it this way.  You'll never guess what it is that's holding the card. Find out HERE


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