Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas Desserts, Hot Chocolate Bar, Cupcakes and more for your Holiday Parties

We've found some fun treats and desserts to share with you. Some take a little more work than other, all look delicious! Recipes are included with each one.

This snowman family is so cute! You make them by stacking cupcakes.  The trees are stacked cupcakes too. Click Here to get the details

 Who doesn't like Oreo cookies?  This recipe just kicked them up a notch. White chocolate and peppermint? Get the recipe Here

Peppermint cream bites...don't they that look yummy!  Easy to make but impressive in the presentation.  Get the recipe Here

Frozen Peppermint Cheesecake is sure to be the dessert everyone talks about after they leave the party!  Get the recipe Here

Now for the ultimate treat for your get-together!  It's a hot chocolate bar with 9 different add-ins for your fabulous cup of hot chocolate. Get more details Here

 Here's another idea for a hot chocolate bar-these party printables were just released by Shindig Parties To Go  There are more photos on their web site.I love how the ribbon and tag dress up this mug

This party printable is available now from Shindig Parties To Go

You could add this one to your hot chocolate bar too. You dip them or stir them in your hot chocolate.  I'd leave off the sprinkles, I think they would just sit in the bottom of the cup. If you push the straw through the bottom of the marshmallow you can use it to drink with too. Get more details Here

 One more idea for a hot chocolate bar.  The marshmallow snowmen are so cute! The addition of the Hershey kiss on the top will taste delicious in the coco and you swirl it and the marshmallows around in your mug. Muffins, oranges and hot chocolate-Yummy! (the red scarf is probably a fruit roll-up) Head on over to Dukes and Duchesses

 I love the look of the coconut topped cupcakes (looks like snow)  with the cupcake toppers that spell out Believe! I don't think the white ones are available now but the red ones shown above are.  Here's the link to see all these Christmas printables in a party setting.  Here is the link to buy them. Make cupcake toppers that spell out other traditional Christmas words too.  (Looks like the "believe" letters are printed on the paper and then glittered.


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  1. What a lot of fun! I really enjoy looking at your blog!

  2. I absolutely love this! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Cute ideas;) I really liked trying them out!

  4. Awesome! Making me Hungry!