Friday, November 4, 2011

Christmas Snowman - Everything You Need to Build a Proper Snowman is Here

Just add snow: This cute Snowman Kit would be a great gift for family and friends (neighbors)  This Snowman kit will include everything you need to finish off a snowman in style, Coal (rocks), a cute hat, carrot noise, scarf, buttons and hat. Wrap it all up and deliver to unsuspecting family and friends. There are two sources for this kit.  Some of the pictures below are from The Fickle Pickle  and some are from Make it Do. The Fickle Pickle has  great tips, like buying a fleece blanket at Old Navy for only $4.50 to make the scarves.  Make it Do is where you will find the step-by-step directions including a hat and flower tutorial.

And these are the things that you need to properly dress a snowman!

You could put everything in the top hat with a tag if you like

Box up the tiny pieces (bits and pieces) in a smaller cute box

Your snowman scarf could be multi-color or one solid color-either way works

The snowflake is very cute but it could be done without the embellishment

Anyone you give this cute kit is going to absolutely love it.  As always, use your amazing creativity to add your own touches to this project......Do you have snowman making snow yet? Make it Do


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