Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Remembering a Childhood Christmas Tradition-How Sweet

I wanted to share a Christmas tradition that was told on the blog  "Make It Do"   Every year their mother placed a basket of heart ornaments, that she had made herself, under the newly decorated Christmas tree.  The ornaments could only be hung on the tree when they had done something nice for another member of their family......She remembers the tree filled with these heart ornaments. I imagine it made the Christmas season all that more special.   

I love this tradition.  You could use anything you like....any type of ornament.  What a wonderful tradition for YOUR family to start this year.  Read the post to see what she remembers was done for her by her family so they could hang up a Christmas heart.  Such a sweet story Remembering a childhood tradition

A good deed has been done
and now hangs another pretty Christmas Heart Ornament on the Christmas Tree

Now another stroll down memory lane

Do you remember these type of Christmas decorations? All the little tiny embellishments/sequins stitched on the letters or the Christmas Stockings? My first Christmas stocking looked like this--Can you find this type of sequins and fun things now?  Wouldn't it be fun to make something like this.....Check out this blog post to read more about this  Old/New Merry Christmas Garland


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