Monday, November 28, 2011

What a Fun Collection of Christmas Snowmen Foods and Crafts

Snowmen are my favorite--Whether you collect ornaments, snow globes or decorations they are fun.....I never get tired of snowmen.  We've found some really cute things that you can make and add to your collection. They all have a tutorial with complete supply lists and photos.  Have fun!

 Want to take a fun snowman photo of the kids?  Build a snowman without a head and have them stand behind it and you've got a really fun photograph!  Source

 Cute Pompom Snowmen--Would be cute on the Christmas tree or as a garland, even on the top of a Christmas package. Source

 This one is easy! Simply take some hat boxes, paint, stack and add embellishments.  Source

 Make a bunch of Snowmen friends using Fleece and an empty plastic container Source

 This darling snowman garland would be perfect across the fireplace or around the Christmas tree Source

 Here's a Yummy Snowman that requires no baking whatsoever!   Source

Ivory soap is the main ingredient for these snowmen-Excellent craft for the kids Source

This snowman dessert will turn an ordinary dinner into a fun time! Source

Use a keyhole-shaped paver for this cute doorstop. Source

This countdown snowman is just the right size for a Count-Down Calendar!  Source


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