Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spooky, Trick or Treat and Happy Halloween Banners-So Cute!

I love all the different designs people have come up with for cute Halloween Banners. They don't just have to say Happy Halloween. How about "Spooky" or "Trick or Treat"  or maybe even just "EEEEK" or "I'd turn back if I were you" (just kidding)  Below are some that I particularly liked.  Take a look

 Find all the instructions to make this amazing Halloween banner Here and don't worry it isn't as difficult as it may look. 

What a cute banner. There is even a free download for the lettering. You cut out your own triangles. Inking the edges with a black stamp pad is the secret to making it look antiqued and more eerie! Find everything you need Here

This Halloween banner is made out of black tissue paper and Halloween scrapbook paper. So Cute!  The template for the banner and the letters is free. Just choose your favorite paper.  Find the supply list and instructions Here  

This Halloween banner uses Halloween themed scrapbook paper and Halloween cupcake liners, flattened out. Adds a lot of dimension to the banner. They've added a lot of embellishments too.  There isn't a free download on this one but you get the idea. Just borrow some of her ideas and make one for yourself using your amazing imagination and creativity!  Get see more photos and read how she did it click Here


 This Halloween banner and Fall Banner are super easy to make.  They are actually made out of tags from the office supply store. You could free hand the letters or buy them already made up (pebbles in my pocket) or use a stamp. They are so simple but so cute!  Read the tutorial Here

It's surprising what a little Halloween decorations will add to your home. It just makes things fun! Which one will you make?



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