Tuesday, October 4, 2011

101 COSTUMES: Includes 32 Homemade Costume Ideas

Your source for cool Halloween costumes is here: This site brags of 101 Costumes!  Here are just a few the costumes you will find at this site.

 This costume is in the category "Blast from the Past"

Such a cute costume-It's in the "Homemade Costumes" category

 See more Harry Potter costumes on the site too.

Find Iron Man in the category "Movie character Costumes for Kids"

See all these categories and more. If you like to buy your costumes you can do that here. If you like to sew your own there are 32 homemade costumes....but the best news is that there are some amazing ideas for costumes within this source.  I just know you're going to have a fabulous costume this year!  

Check out the categories:

Click Here to see 101 Costumes

You can make your own Halloween make-up with natural ingredients you already have in your home.  From Bruises to Blood to Full Face make-up--it's all here. Click Here 

Are you interested in some Pumpkin crafts? the kids can join in on? Sure you are....Here's a great source for  23 Pumpkin Crafts


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